We offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provision to meet the expectation of quality for cargo, navy, cruise, and offshore industries.

Warehouse facilities include chillers, freezers and packaging facilities allowing for the delivery of your provisions order in prime condition.

We keep all standards and strict hygiene. All stores supplied by portside are delivered in one of our temperature-controlled vehicles, ensuring the produce arrives to your vessel in the best possible condition.

Cold Cuts &Sausages Fresh Provision
Frozen Products
Dry Provision
Dairy Products
Meat &Poultry
Fish& Seafood


Alef Marine offers a wide pool of technical supplies and solutions with national and international distributors and original manufacturers. What we can’t find in-stock, we can source with technical precision, in accordance with specifications, commercial acceptance and requirements.

Galley equipment,
Welding equipment,
Safety equipment,
Medical stores,
Engine Stores,
Paints/ lube oils

Our Technical department -is managed by professional team of people with more than 20 years of experience in technical supplies, maritime and engineering.

Bonded store
& beverages

Perfumes Alcohol Tobacco Cigarettes